Aloha Air Heating & Cooling II is an air conditioning company who services North Port Florida.

We found a service company that stands out among the many choices available to both homeowners and business owners in North Port FL. We chose to feature Aloha Air Heating & Cooling II out of North Port because of the exceptional service and great reputation they have established over the years serving the Southwest Florida areas of Charlotte County and Sarasota County.

From Punta Gorda to Sarasota, there are few AC companies that can match the professionalism and overall value Aloha Air Heating & Cooling II has to offer. Our experience with Aloha Air II has been that the phone is virtually answered live 100% of the time.

They are helpful from start to finish and answered all our questions. Not many HVAC companies will be able to match the overall value. We got the clear impression that they really wanted to help us find the best, most cost effective solution.

At no point did we get any pressure to buy or choose a particular brand or service. Many service companies send out sales people that are paid a commission. When your AC is in need of repair in the middle of the summer you just want it to get back up and running as soon as possible.

Perhaps all it needs is a minor fix and you can get away with a small charge. Over the years, Aloha Air Heating & Cooling II has proven that they will keep your AC alive as long as it makes sense and is possible.

Eventually, the band-aids may not be doable forever and you will have to buy a new air conditioning unit or system. Make sure you educate yourself on all the available options and then get a few quotes to compare prices.

Speaking of prices, Aloha Air Heating & Cooling II actually puts their prices on their website. Now that's upfront pricing!